Lenny Kravitz Talks ‘The Hunger Games’ To Interview Magazine [PHOTOS]

'The Hunger Games'
Jennifer Lawrence at a mall tour in Florida.
Lenny Kravitz
Featured on a poster for 'The Hunger Games.'
Lenny Kravitz talked with Interview Magazine about his upcoming role in The Hunger Games.  Kravitz, who impressed director Gary Ross as a nurse in Precious, plays stylist Cinna.

“I was really flattered, but I had not read the book,” Kravitz said of Ross’s offer to play Cinna.  “So I downloaded it. I remember I started it late one night and I needed to go to bed—I was tired and had been recording all day and night—but I couldn’t stop reading because I was captured by the story. So I finished the book and called him back and said, ‘I’d love to do it.'”

What does Kravitz think of daughter Zoe Kravitz’s career in film and music?  “It’s beautiful,” the proud father boasted.  “She was in the latest X-Men movie last summer. She also did this really beautiful independent film, Yelling to the Sky, which went to the festivals. She’s in this band called Elevator Fight, and they’re making some really cool music. I went to a gig of hers in Brooklyn not that long ago. She just watched everything as a child. She was around a lot of great, creative people, being with me and her mother [Kravitz’s ex-wife, actress Lisa Bonet]. She just finished making her album. It’s just wonderful to see her doing her thing.”