Lena Dunham Is All Smiles At The Q&A After Screening Of ‘Tiny Furniture’

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Lena Dunham Your First Time
Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham says voting is like your first time. Watch »

Superwoman Lena Dunham met with fans in similar ensembles as herself after a screening of her film Tiny Furniture. The 26 years young Lena held a Q&A at the Museum of Fine Arts and posed oh so cutely for the camera.

The triple threat (uh-hum writer, actress, director) New Yorker spoke with her customary shrewdness and with the expected splash of sex sex sex, self realization, and knowledge.

Lena shared personal stories with her audience alongside her mother, Laurie Simmons. She dug into an interesting pot of memoirs when she told her mother (and audience) “you didn’t like it when my sister made a clay penis in ceramics class” as was reported by Boston.com.

You silly girl, you.

The Girls star has been the talk of the interweb, receiving a bad rap after a story broke out claiming she did not vote. Tweets and blogs bashed her for these claims because she had made a big fuss about voting.

But Lena’s publicist told Breitbart that Lena did in fact vote in the 2012 election.

Dunham was quick to fend off all the rumors circulating the blogosphere with an amusing Twitter thread (via BuzzFeed.) Go Lena! I am going to believe that Lena is in fact a martyr since I have an affinity with Hannah and will forever back up Lena.

Haters gonna hate.

By Gisselli Rodriguez

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