Lena Dunham On ‘Girls’ Set, Reveals Which Gay Movie Inspired ‘Girls’ Sex Scenes

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Girls creator and star, Lena Dunham revealed a list of her top ten favorite films, one being Andrew Haigh’s british romantic drama, ‘Weekend’.

Weekend is a story about two men who meet and begin a relationship a weekend before one of them is about to leave the country.

Lena talks about each of her favorite films, but what she says about the gay film is definitely worth a double take.

Lena on Weekend:

“This just wrecked me. I went in knowing nothing except that gay men are my target demo and came out stunned by the subtlety and sensitivity of Andrew Haigh’s direction.This is also what inspired me to show ejaculate on television: there is one scene in which cum is such a central, and lovely, part of the experience of sex with another person.

Messy, happy, lonely sex.”

If I looked up “uncensored” in the dictionary, this quote would definitely be there.

Dunham has been a long time supporter of gay rights and has stated that she will not get married until same-sex marriage is legal.

So Lena, since gay marriage is finally legal in California, will we see you tying the knot anytime soon?!

Dunham has been dating lead guitarist of the band Fun, Jack Antonoff since 2012.

Check out the gallery above of Lena on the set of her show Girls above!

By Alexandra Biston

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