Lena Dunham Milks A Cow In New York City, Says She’s Been Meditating Since She Was 9

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Yup, you read a saw right! Lena Dunham milked a cow in the middle of Manhattan! The Girls star was doing it for a Funny or Die skit.

The actress, dressed in black-and-white trousers, a purple hoodie, and some funny looking sandals sat on a stool and pulled on a cow’s teat!

The 27-year-old also just recently revealed that she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, and the way she handles it, is by meditating. 

She jokingly admits that she comes from a line of neurotic Jewish women who needed to mediate in order to overcome their anxiousness.

In case you didn’t already know, Lena’s character, Hannah, also suffers from OCD in the show. She, like herself, refuses to take any medication to help herself. She said:

When I was around nine, I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, I feel forever grateful that instead of assaulting me with a barrage of medications my mother decided it was time for me to learn to meditate.

Lena also said:

[Meditation] has made it possible for me to weather certain challenges and storms and public moments that I didn’t ever imagine would be in my life. It gathers me up for the day and makes me feel organized and happy and capable of facing the challenges of the world, both internal and external.

Good for her for handling her disorder. Make sure to launch the gallery to check out photos of Lena Dunham milking a cow!