Lena Dunham Makes Some Funny Faces As She Tries To Amuse The Paparazzi On The Set Of ‘Girls’

Lena Chats With Fans
Dunham Makes Sure To Appreciate Her Fan Base
If we didn’t know Lena Dunham better, we’d think she was actually mad.

The Girls star and creator was spotted on the New York City set of the hit show yesterday being pretty silly alongside Judd Apatow. Think that Judd’s silly faces are rubbing off on her?

Personally, I love it when celebs get silly with the paparazzi. I mean, they’re always around, might as well have fun with them, am I right Lena? Also, that girl is super smiley on set. So what do think she has in store for her characters next season? 

Ooo! Maybe she’ll get her new BFF Taylor Swift to guest star. Guys, how amazing would that be. Lena! Get on that! Please!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Lena being silly on set. Honestly, she looks like she’s about to attack someone with that face. Love her.