Lena Dunham & Adam Driver Hold Hands And Cuddle While Filming ‘Girls’, Plus Who Is Lena’s New Celeb BFF?

Need A Recap?
Here is what happened in the finale of season three of Girls.
After how narcissistically Hannah, Lena Dunham’s character behaved in Girls, fans expected her relationship with Adam (Adam Driver) would have concluded.

Based on what we’re seeing in the photo above of the couple holding hands, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that they somehow figured out a way to continue their relationship.

The question now is…what ever happened to her Writer’s Workshop in Iowa?

Season four will hopefully answer the burning question. If she wanted to thrive so badly, then why would she stay behind? Maybe something better came up, or perhaps this storyline will follow something rather stereotypical in television and movies: the girl chooses the guy over what she really wants.

Perhaps Dunham went to her new celebrity bestie, Taylor Swift, for some advice on how to make a career out of relationships.

Or maybe, just maybe, one of Swift’s songs will be featured on an upcoming episode and they were discussing it. Hmm.

Check out the photos of the two canoodling on set and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!