Leighton Meester Is “Really F**king Cool”

Cobra Starship
fans got a special treat Tuesday night when Leighton Meester unexpectedly joined the band onstage at NYC’s Nokia Theatre to sing the hit song “Good Girls Go Bad.”

Gabe Saporta, Cobra Starship front man, had nothing but glowing reviews for the actress telling OK! “The girl can really sing. She’s really f**king cool. And the thing is, we’re kinda like bad boy rock dudes and she’s a real-life celebrity. And like I don’t give a f**k.”

Saporta continued, “So sometimes those two worlds clash together and they don’t mesh well. But with her it meshed perfectly. Like she was still very refined and very cool, but she has a sense of humor and jokes around us and has a great time.”

It’s great to see an actress crossover into the music industry so fluidly. Usually such an endeavor is an epic fail.

Leighton has a long road ahead of her if she wants to take the title of best actor/musician crossover of all time, which is currently held by Eddie Murphy. “Party All The Time” is a gift that keeps giving, a true gem from 1985.  

Gallery Info: Leighton Meester and Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship at 10AK in NYC for the Nylon Magazine Official After Party for Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls OP Fall Music Tour on November 24, 2009.