Leighton Meester Considers Selena Gomez & Katie Cassidy Besties

It seems that the cast of Leighton Meester’s new film Monte Carlo is quite a bit closer than the cast of Gossip Girl.

Leighton, Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy have grown to “adore each other” while working on a movie together. The trio are currently shooting romantic comedy Monte Carlo, in which they play friends who are thrown into a glamorous life after they are mistaken for other people. The girls have been shooting for seven weeks, and have found they have a lot in common.

“They really get along really well. You can see they’ve gotten to be friends on this,” a source told People magazine. “It’s like a trip that way. There’s this chemistry and sometimes it’s almost conspiratorial but these girls really adore each other.”

Leighton, Selena and Katie have filmed scenes in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and Paris. They were working around the famous Eiffel Tower in the French city recently, and could barely contain their excitement.