Leighton Meester Wants You to Have Nice Hair

I actually like Leighton Meester’s hair all short like this–it appears to be the look Katherine Heigl was probably shooting for when she stepped out onto the red carpet on her way to the PTA meeting. I don’t really get the cross-legged pose of which she seems to be so fond, but maybe it’s the most slimming. What do I know? I’ve never had to do that side of the red carpet.

The star of “Gossip Girl” spoke at the Sunsilk “Life Can’t Wait” campaign at Military Island in Times Square in NYC, I guess to sell some hair-care products. I feel like I’m so used to seeing her at events with at least one other co-star from her CW show. She looks lonely. I wonder if she’s missing the strong and caring arms of one over-exuberant rich guy.

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Photos: Getty Images