Leighton Meester Looks Like Lacey Crap

Now usually I’m all for Leighton Meester and her mostly trendy and daring fashion choices. But whatever she was thinking with this POS outfit, she has lost major points in my book. Mind you, my book doesn’t carry all that much clout but still…bitch, what were you thinking?

The Gossip Girl actress turned out for the Harry Winston Court of Jewels cocktail party launch in New York wearing a jumpsuit that was black lace and nearly see through. Actually, it was more of a ‘thought’ than it was a complete ‘outfit.’

Here’s proof that she can look amazing!

The bodysuit – I guess that’s what you’d call it – was designed by Marchesa and certainly turned heads but because they probably thought, “Does that girl know her outfit has come unraveled?”

Even her hair was messy and paired with the dark lipstick and over-the-top necklace, Meester was just a hot mess.

Let’s hope that when Leighton designs her own fashion line she knows better than to try to sell this shizz.