Leighton Meester Goes To Biotherm Event In China, Does Not Wear Engagement Ring

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Meester Shows Off Her Stuff On The Red Carpet
Hey! Leighton Meester! What’s going on?

You can’t just get engaged to Adam Brody and then not wear your engagement ring on your first public outing! Well, apparently you can because that’s just what Leighton did today in Shanghai at a Biotherm event.

Ugh, Leighton. I was so looking forward to seeing what kind of bling Seth Cohen bought you. Plus! If you had a giant diamond on your finger, then it would have distracted from how weird your outfit is. 

Usually I’m a huge fan of what Leighton wears–especially if she happens to be channeling her Gossip Girl character, Blair Waldorf–but this Marchesa Voyage jumpsuit is no fun at all. It doesn’t flatter her body and the fabric looks like it’s confused. Do you wanna be striped or floral? Make up your mind, jumpsuit.

OK, Leighton, since we didn’t get the ring this time, will we get it next time? Please? And will you and Adam please, please have a wedding spread in like People or something? That would be greatly appreciated. What do you think of Leighton’s outfit and lack of ring? Check out all the photos in the gallery, then sound off in the comments!