Legal Cocaine

Red Bull may give you wings but the newest caffeine amped drink gives you a slightly paranoid rush that tingles in your chest. The drink named “Cocaine” hit runway parties during fashion week in NYC. The legal alternative is said to be 350% stronger than Red Bull and lasts for five hours. A concoction of high doses of B12 and simple sugars create a buzz feeling and tastes like cherry Jolly Ranchers.

The drink was created by Redux Beverages that brewed “Cocaine” in their home base at Las Vegas. The target consumer is for party goers versus the health nut. “Cocaine will be sold in the Manhattan area in nightclubs and a few select stores.

A few guinea pigs tested the drink and reported mixed feelings.

“I don’t like the tingly feeling in my chest. I feel my heart racing – and I’m not being paranoid . . . I feel looped!”

The makers of the drink did admit to adding an ingredient to simluate the oral sensation and numb the throat that comes with using the real drug.

Just what America needs….

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Written by Cara Harrington