Leaving Heart Break In The Past… Nina Dobrev Is Living Summer To The Fullest!

July 17th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Nina Dobrev Raps
Nina Dobrev 'SPF'
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Go get ‘em Nina Dobrev!

The Vampire Diaries star is the definition of fabulous and fun taking on summer by storm. She has sure been keeping busy since the break up with long term boyfriend and co-star Ian Somerhalder giving fans a shinning example of what it looks like when “life gives you lemons and you make lemonade.”

Nina has been spending quality time with friends and soaking up the sun at the beach as well as being on set with the movie Let’s Be Cops. Her pictures are proof of her playful personality shinning through while she hangs out with her dog, friends, and a Star Wars Storm Trooper.

Nina’s athletic side has also been noticed  while she does her rock climbing and yoga on the beach. That explains how she keeps in such great shape! The love she shows for life and her lively spirit even makes me want to get out into the middle of the street and do gymnastics with her.

Not to mention, I wouldn’t mind traveling and playing with the monkeys in Thailand with her either!

Take a peak at some of our favorite pictures of Nina and her delightful summer in the photo gallery.

By Megan Synn

  1. Nina fan

    Nina sure is fun to be around, I will not mind joining her in her adventures. She lives life to the fullest. I like her positive attitude towards life. What happened in the past is irrelevant now. You always have to look forward in life. I wish her more happiness and success.

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