George Clooney Tussling With The WGA

April 4th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Look, it’s an ER reunion! I miss those two as a couple. Remember when she tried offing herself in the first episode? Here’s George Clooney with ex-ER co-star Julianna Marguiles at a screening of his new flick Leatherheads. It’s a comedy about the early days of football. Things behind the scenes are a little tense because Clooney is not being recognized by the Writer’s Guild of America as a screenwriter on the project.

The WGA is assigning credit for the 17-year-old script to writers Duncan Brantley and Rick Reilly. Clooney reportedly completely re-wrote the script into a comedy and wrote all but two scenes. The WGA requires that a screenwriter be responsible for over 50% of the screenplay. In a 2 to 1 arbitration this past fall, they assigned sole credit to Brantley and Reilly.

In retaliation, Clooney went what is called “fi-core.” “Financial core” means a member is still technically a member of the WGA, but has limited rights within the guild.

“When your own union doesn’t back what you’ve done, the only honorable thing to do is not participate,” said Clooney, who says he never tried to exclude Brantley and Reilly.

Deep. Like, really deep. I can’t believe I just wrote a post in which there was no discussion of clothes, eating disorders, sluts, clubs, stankness, or reality television. I feel like friggin’ Diane Sawyer!

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14 more photos from a screening of Leatherheads in New York City featuring George Clooney, Ellen Barkin, Karen Duffy, Beth Ostrosky, Howard Stern, Juliana Margulies, Patricia Clarkson, Aidan Quinn, and Sam Rockwell are after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Aubrey

    But the script was originally came from the imagination of the other writers? Clooney just changed up the words? That seems fishy to me.

  2. Dandy's girl

    Saw Leatherheads last night. That stinker wasn’t anything worth getting credit for. It was “Jim” from The Office in 1925 clothing (yes Lisa, his shtick is already old), George resurrecting his mischievous but oh-so-charming character from “O’Brother Where art Thou” and Renee’s usual acting which consists of scrunching her mouth into a butt hole pout and looking sideways while smirking. The writing was terrible and the moments of comedy lame and predictable, like it was written by well meaning undergrads who just don’t have a sophisticated grasp of funny beyond slap stick and limp fight scenes (I suggest reading this blog for help). The only person who seemed to think the movie was funny was the guy braying like a jackass next to me who we suspicion was a plant since he was the only one laughing.

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