‘Leap Year’ Was Bad, According To Matthew Goode

Handsome Brit Matthew Goode shared his thoughts on Leap Year, the tanker he co-starred in with Amy Adams.  I skipped the film, so I can’t pass judgment, but the trailer looked bad.  Just bad.  Almost as bad as Love Happens looked (skipped that one, too).

Pop Eater reports that Goode kept it real during an interview with the UK’s Telegraph.  He claimed the film might have been the worst film of 2010.  Dear Matthew, the year isn’t over yet.  There are plenty of crap movies to be seen.

Goode’s reason for signing on had less to do with a solid script, and more to with a solid commute.  He reasoned that he could go home on the weekends in between filming.  I’m no actor, but isn’t it supposed to be about “the work?”  Or are you doing it for the paycheck like the rest of us?  Home trumps script for Goode, who refuses to move to LA despite his agent’s insistance. 

“If I lived in LA, I’d be schizophrenic after a week. I’d just sit in a
hotel room with a shoebox full of weed going: ‘I’m not f***ing moving.
If they want me, they can come here.'”

Well then.  United Kingdom, it is.

Goode is perfectly fine with being honest about how bad Leap Year was.  His opinion is that actors should be able to speek freely about good films vs awful films (again, Love Happens).  Yes, that’s all well and good if it didn’t make you sound like a spoiled child.  But you’re the one with the bank roll.  And I’m the one living in a shoebox on an island with 2,999,999 other people. Bitter? Me? Nahhhhhhh.

Nonetheless, a film must be promoted, and Goode did just that at the Directors Guild Theater in January.