LeAnn Rimes: Three Martini Thursday

March 18th, 2009 // 4 Comments

You might think that this THREE MARTINI THURSDAY for LeAnn Rimes caught up in the midst of a supposed extramarital affair is out of sympathy for her situation. Au contraire, mon frère! Instead, we are toasting to this woman who we believed deserves a stiff drink and a “Well played!” thrown her way.

We’re going out on a limb here to be the first to suggest that this is merely a publicity stunt of the most ingenious kind. Is it a coincidence that this revelation of a “romantic relationship” with hot Northern Lights costar Eddie Cibrian is coming RIGHT BEFORE its premiere? On Lifetime, Television for Women, of all places? (Check out the video preview from “Northern Lights” by clicking the continue reading link below.)

No, we say. It isn’t! For heaven’s sake, this sounds like a plot from a Lifetime movie! And now, like many of you probably have done, I’ve programmed my TiVo to record the flick to see if I can detect off-screen chemistry between these two. Goal achieved!

Gallery Info: LeAnn Rimes and her hubby Dean Sheremet.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. tj

    So I’m guessing since I’m the ONLY comment, LOL, that on one really gives a RATS A__ about what LeeAnn does. This is one STUPID bleached blonde in the worst way. If she is into Eddie, well she is a ho going after a married father of 2 and reaping tons on humiliation on her poor husband. Yeah, nice going LeeAnn you little home wrecking BI-OTCH!!!!

  2. jj

    If it’s true, Eddie is also at fault since he also gave conscent to the alledged affair.

  3. Junlxofj

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