LeAnn Rimes In Car Accident Trouble

Singer LeAnn Rimes ran into a little bit of car trouble Thursday night. People reports that police questioned LeAnn after what seems to be a relatively minor traffic accident.

“There was a routine police investigation into this incident, and a police report was filed,” her spokesperson told People. “We are confident that this matter will be resolved shortly and LeAnn will be cleared.”

Poor LeAnn. And her Thursday seemed amazingly fabulous too. She and Eddie Cibrian spent the day playing a game of golf. The two seem like they’re taking their relationship to the next level. She is getting a divorce from her husband; he is getting a divorce from his wife. And then she gets into a car accident. Maybe the fates are trying to tell her something.

Luckily the accident is nothing too major and she doesn’t seem to be any other sort of trouble. “We can confirm she was involved in some type of traffic accident,” says a rep for the LAPD. “She was questioned and released. It’s an ongoing investigation.”

Good luck with the car accident stuff, LeAnn. Hopefully it’ll work out and then you can be the happiest person in the world with your new man. That is until one of you finds another new love interest. Good times.

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