LeAnn Rimes Feels Insecure About Her Cheater Boy

Huge surprise news to report here. LeAnn Rimes is overprotective of her serial-cheating boyfriend.

Well, duh. I can’t tell you how tired I am of reading about these two. “Troubled relationship”, “LeAnn Doensn’t Trust Eddie Cibrian“, of course you don’t, LeAnn. Remember when you met him and engaged in a torrid love affair while filming Northern Lights (a Lifetime movie no one saw)? Well Eddie was mega-married (that means they had children together) at the time, and interestingly enough, so were you.

Reports are abound that LeAnn has turned to nearly stalking her dimply boyfriend as witnesses saw her follow him around like a school girl while filming a stint on CSI: Miami. Apparently Eddie is well-known (and for good reason) for being weak with women and a gigantic flirt. Maybe I’m just a New York love-cynic, but you can mark my words when I say Eddie will most certainly bone another bimbo before things fizzle out with LeAnn. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Gallery Info: LeAnn Rimes drops by boyfriend Eddie Cibrian’s set in Los Angeles on the first day of his work on CSI Miami, January 15, 2010 where Cibrian will star opposite David Caruso. After showing Rimes around the set he quickly stops by his trailer to change out of wardrobe where a picture of his son could be seen hanging before the pair hopped into Cibrian’s flawless 1959 Corvette.