A Bikini-Clad LeAnn Rimes Turns Twenty-Nine

LeAnn Rimes has been wearing a lot of bikinis lately. This is like celebrity rubber-necking, you want to look away but you can’t. While being a more plump star in her teen years, LeAnn made a name for herself on pure talent. As she rounds the bases towards thirty it seems that she is focusing more on her appearance than her singing. While one may say she has achieved a new status level with this transformation, is she missing the bigger picture? Her body is extreme, she looks like a contestant on survivor. While dining in a Chicago restaurant, another patron even went to so far as to approach the singing actress to say, “You need to eat something.” The only opinion that really matters is hers but there comes a point to open your eyes and come back to reality. Knowing what type of lifestyle she must live to look like this, would she want her daughter to aspire for the same?

PHOTOS: LeAnn Rimes Lands in LA to Celebrate Her Birthday

In a less harsh light, she is celebrating her 29th birthday with her husband Eddie Cibrian and Eddie’s sons. The family plus friends were having a wonderful time and LeAnn and Eddie could not keep their hands off one another. It is always easy to judge from the outside but it appears that these two feel like they really hit the jackpot and found everything they were looking for in each other.