LeAnn Rimes Prances Around A Yacht In A Skimpy Bikini [PHOTOS]

December 21st, 2011 // 3 Comments

LeAnn Rimes fashioned a bikini out of paper towel remains and hopped on a yacht with her equally-pathetic husband, Eddie Cibrian

The two, aboard “It’s All Good,” cuddled and kissed and found something interesting to gaze at in the Pacific Ocean.

Rimes and Cibrian are on vacation in Cabo San Lucas together, but that hasn’t stopped Rimes from tweeting every 20 minutes or so about something or other.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Zyei

    Haha, funny how she is watching herself walk along!! Insecure dear? You look just fine.

  2. faith

    And people thought that Kris H and Kim K were bad. Kim K and Kris H didn’t staged this many photo-ops. Eddie and Leann are the worst famewhores in histroy.Of course they are putting on a show of love. Eddie is cheating on Leann and Leann just can’t let people know that her marriage is falling a part.

  3. faith

    Did you check out In Touch, they are saying that Leann tore up her pre-nup. So this is why Eddie has been engaging in the pda with Leann while in Cabo so much. It was their deal, the pre-nup goes away and in exchange in has to make out with her. Don’t you think it’s a shame that Eddie only engages in the pda with Leann when she has to give him something? Like a car and now she had to destroy their pre-nup just to get him to act like this on their boat.

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