LeAnn Rimes Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston [VIDEO]

LeAnn Rimes In A Bikini
The singer celebrate July 4th in Malibu.
LeAnn Rimes paid her respects to the late Whitney Houston at a performance on Saturday night. LeAnn is seen here with her husband Eddie Cibrian at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on February 13, 2012.

The country singer was scheduled to sing in Reno, Nevada on Saturday night (February 12) when she found out that Houston had died. She then took to the stage and sang Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” (the Dolly Parton tune which Houston made iconic in the film The Bodyguard), with audience members noting that Rimes was tearful during the song.

Before performing, Rimes Tweeted her condolences about Houston’s death: “I can’t stop crying. I have a show to do soon. Wow, I learned how to do what I do because of 3 great women, one being Whitney. She was always so kind to me. This is not gonna be an easy show for sure. I’m doing what she taught me to do by listening to her records over & over as a little girl. Her death is very surreal.”

Houston was found dead in the bathtub of her hotel room in Los Angeles on Saturday. She was 48. She was commemorated at Sunday night’s Grammy awards ceremony by Jennifer Hudson, who also sang “I Will Always Love You.”

Watch her performance.