LeAnn Rimes Lands In LA To Celebrate Her Birthday [PHOTOS]

LeAnn Rimes arrived on a flight from Chicago today, landing at LAX for a weekend full of birthday celebrations.  Whether that means looking at her birthday cake or eating a tiny morsel is a mystery to us.  Here’s what will happen today: A bunch of sites (yours truly included) will write about how thin the country singer is, then Rimes will retaliate via her trusty Twitter account to talk about A) What she ate B) How healthy she is.

Rimes moved to Chicago to chaperone be with her husband, Eddie Cibrian while he films the NBC series, The Playboy Club.  You can’t monitor the hubby’s wandering eye from 2,000 miles away.  That’s just crazy.

PHOTOS: LeAnn Rimes Belts Out A Few Tunes

I do like those snakeskin Christina Louboutins, though.