LeAnn Rimes Calls Herself a “Bonus Mom”

LeAnn Rimes is really fired up for “Bonus Mom” day on Sunday.  Newsflash, toothpick: It’s not your day.  Eddie Cibrian’s sons will hopefully be spending this day with their actual mom, Brandi Glanville.  Good news for Glanville-It’s been announced that she’ll join the cast of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills for season two.

Someone on Rimes’ team should think about suspending her Twitter account, because the half-wit is 140 character-happy.   According to Us Magazine, Rimes tweeted yesterday.”My first bonus mom day will be spent with Eddie here in Canada!”  Apparently one of her followers pointed out that Rimes isn’t actually a mother, to which she responded, “”It’s not called stepmom’s day lol common sense would explain that!!”  Oh, just go away.

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Rime is in Ontario, Canada shooting Reel Love, and somehow weaseled her way into the Mothers Day Celebrations going on around the set.  A makeup artist “gave flowers to all the moms for Mother’s Day.  So sweet! I had some sitting in my trailer when I got here today.”