LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s Ex Call A Truce

BIG NEWS! LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife have decided to call a cease-fire. Alert the press, guys!

When LeAnn was accused of creating a second Twitter account to harass Eddie’s ex Brandi Glanville, the two former enemies called a truce … on Twitter, of course! Finally, some sanity on the Celebrity Twitterverse.

On Sunday, LeAnn tweeted:

“As a collective unit, Brandi and I would like all negativity to cease toward one another. We have communicated and have a direct understanding that we are ONLY ourselves on Twitter and have no other accounts that try to destroy one another. Please for our families’ sake stop the hate now and let us live OUR lives. We don’t need opinions or outside help in order for that to happen.”

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I guess the feud had gone on long enough. The women had been butting heads, or uh, Tweets, since 2009 when Eddie cheated on Brandi with LeAnn. The country singer was married to Dean Sheremet at the time. I’d hate the happy couple more, but they just look so damn good together.