LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Rumored Wedding Date

Rumor has it that adulterers LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian will make their Northern Lights affair legit this weekend with a walk down the aisle on Saturday, April 23 in L.A., according to In Touch.

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The events leading up to the second marriage for both were kind of yucky:

  • The affair occurred on the set of the poorly received made-for-TV movie Northern Lights;
  • While both were married at the time.
  • The affair led to divorces, Rimes to Dean Sheremet (June 2010) and Cibrian to Brandi Glanville (September 2010),
  • Which also included a bitter and pathetic Twitter feud.

But it seems like everyone involved is playing nicey nice, as seen April 15 when Cibrian, Rimes and ex-wife Glanville all came together with Mason Edwards and birthday boy Jake Austin (Cibrian-Glanville sons) to celebrate at Chuck E Cheese’s with friends and family, so maybe nuptials are coming up soon?

Neither Cibrian or Rimes will confirm the date, but Rimes can’t help but have diarrhea of the mouth and admitted, “I’ve found a designer” [for her wedding gown].

At least we know she’ll be in tip top, svelt shape for that wedding dress!