Leah Remini Releases Statement After Leaving Scientology

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Celebrities attending a Scientology holiday party.
As you probably have heard, actress Leah Remini has left the Church of Scientology after facing years of interrogation and “thought modification.” Okay, right there, that just sounds fucked up.

Leah released a statement to US Weekly saying:

“I wish to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming positive response I have received from the media, my colleagues, and from fans around the world. I am truly grateful and thankful for all your support.”

“It all began when Leah questioned the validity of excommunication of people,” a source told Page Six of her decision. “She is stepping back from a regime she thinks is corrupt. She thinks no religion should tear apart a family or abuse someone under the umbrella of ‘religion.’ ” 

Remini reportedly spoke out about the mysterious disappearance of David Miscavige’s (the head of Scientology) wife, Shelly, who has only been seen once since 2006.

Another Page Six source explained, “Because Leah threatened to call the police to find Shelly, she was put through ‘Security Checking,’ her family was put through it, and her friends.”

Scientology blogger Tony Ortega wrote earlier this week: “Shelly has not been seen [in public] since 2006, except for one sighting when she was allowed to attend the funeral of her father… Remini dared to ask about it — and loudly.” I would like to know why his wife hasn’t been seen since 2006. I consider that slightly strange.

If any of you are familiar with Leah, you know she can be quite outspoken, so she could very well drop some huge bombs on Scientology. So who is going to land Leah’s first interview? I’m sure Orpah is on the case.

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