Leah Remini Leaves Scientology After Asking About David Miscavige’s Wife

I realized much too late that Leah Remini is/was a Scientologist. I liked her for years before King of Queens, so much so that I even watched those VH1 documentaries about her wedding and her pregnancy and birth. It was a few years later when I realized that when Leah’s birthing suite went silent, it wasn’t a documentary-styling choice, it was because of the Church of Scientology’s dictate that babies should not be born into the world with screams or any noise whatsoever. So, Leah has been a Scientologist for a long, long time.

She doesn’t really get hit with the Xenu label that often because she doesn’t give interview after interview about CoS, and I’d be willing to bet that most of her fans didn’t even know that she’s been rolling with Xenu this whole time. Well, Page Six has a fascinating little item about Leah leaving CoS after questioning David Miscavige’s “methods”. Seriously, where’s Shelly?

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