Lea Michele: 2010 Teen Choice Awards

August 8th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Here’s what I love about Lea Michele as she showed up to the 2010 Teen Choice Awards:

1. This girl rocks the fiercest sex face at every red carpet she goes to. Smiling can be overrated, I guess, so I love that she sticks to her signature pose. Always.

2. Her stylist deserves a raise because that Naeem Khan dress is all kinds of perfection and those heels are SO MAY-JOR.

What I don’t always love about Lea Michele: When did she get so damn skinny?

Being so in-demand and prepping for the upcoming season keeps all the Glee kids busy and such, but can a sister get an In-N-Out #2 combo, please? Where’s my girl Mercedes, at? She knows we ladies can’t live on lettuce and wheat grass. That’s some LA kind of ish.

Find out whether Lea wins for Choice TV Actress in a Comedy, when the show airs tomorrow on Fox.

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By Priscilla Rios

  1. Frank

    Can’t she just try a different diet without people moaning about it, she is trying to get healthier.

    Also you put up one pic, why didn’t you pick one of her smiling, they are out there.

  2. kayla

    she definitely has gotten more toned but i don’t think she looks ‘unhealthy thin’. this picture was taken at a weird angle and her dress is skin tight. Nevertheless, she looks gorgeous as always

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