Lea Michele Tweets Picture Of Finn Necklace, ‘Glee’ Is Going To Make You Cry

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Are the tears already starting to well up? That’s what we thought.

Glee star Lea Michele got the waterworks started today when she Tweeted the above picture with the caption… 

Oh Lea, break our hearts even more, why don’t yah. Also, I wonder if this Finn necklace was inspired by the Cory necklace that she used to sport. But it wasn’t just Lea getting us emotional.

Today the whole cast started shooting the Cory Monteith tribute episode and according to E! Online, fans are going to cry from beginning to end. We already heard the plans for the episode, but we learned today that the reason for Finn Hudson’s death is not going to be revealed in the episode.

The episode is going to be filled with different characters remembering Finn and obviously, Lea’s bit is going to be the most heart-wrenching. She doesn’t appear until the final act of the episode, but sources say that her performance is powerful and includes plenty of singing.

Well guys, my tears are already starting. And Lea, we are here for you. As the Twitter trend was saying today, “#LeaMakeUsSmile.” Are you prepared for the tears? Let us know in the comments!