Lea Michele, The Cast & Crew Of ‘Glee’ Gathered For An Emotional Memorial For Cory Monteith

'Glee' Remembers Cory
The cast of 'Glee' and their tributes to Cory Moneith.
It was a day of remembrance for Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy and star Lea Michele, as they joined the cast, crew, and producers to celebrate the life of Cory Monteith during an “emotional” memorial with 20th Century Fox network and studio colleagues on Thursday.

Members of the Glee cast, including Darren Criss, Dianna Agron, Jacob Artist and Harry Shum Jr, gathered for lunch after the memorial.

Sparse details are available since it was a private event. 20th Century Fox Television said in a statement… 

Today, Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele gathered the cast, crew and producers of Glee, along with colleagues from the network and studio, to share memories and music in an emotional celebration of the life of Cory Monteith. We thank the public for their continued outpouring of love and support as we grieve our friend and colleague during this difficult time.

Murphy previously revealed that the third episode of the upcoming season will pay tribute to the actor. Monteith died on July 13 at age 31 do to drug toxicity involving heroin and alcohol.

Our hearts are with the Glee family. Launch the gallery to check out the cast of Glee during their outing.

Plus, check out Chris Colfer’s tribute photo he posted below with the caption: “I’ll never forget all the laughs we shared or the faces we made after awkward interview questions. Love and miss you, buddy.”

Chris Colfer photo

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