Lea Michele Stays Healthy And Happy With Exercise and Juices

Lea Michele & Chris Colfer
Lea Michele & Chris Colfer spotted out and about.
She’s had a rough past few months, but this Glee star finally seems to be getting her groove back.

Lea Michele was spotted going for a run through scenic trails in Los Angeles recently. The fit brunette actress looked great and in shape, sporting a blue athletic tank top and black yoga sweats with a blue trim on the bottom. She had her Ipod with her headphones in and seemed completely oblivious to the rest of the world, including the paparazzi. Way to tune them out, Lea! 

After her run, Lea was seen grabbing a green juice to refuel herself. All the celebs seem to be getting into the juice trend lately. I can’t say I blame them. Fresh squeezed juices are pretty delicious.

Lea posted a picture on Twitter of her day, doing a three way split between her workout outfit, her green juice, and the gorgeous scenery.

I’m sure running helps Lea cope with the stresses of her daily life as a Glee actress, as well as the grief I’m sure she still feels from the loss of her boyfriend Cory Monteith. Things on Glee are apparently heating up, with Lea revealing that she just recorded one of her all time favorite songs for the show. I wonder what it could be?