Lea Michele Shows Some Serious Skin For ‘V Magazine’

Did you want to see a lot of Lea Michele? Then you best get excited about her latest photo shoot for V Magazine.

The Glee actress showed plenty of skin for the magazine, and it was all rather tasteful considering it was photographed by Terry Richardson. I mean sure, that’s a lot of butt, but it could have been much more intense.

Lea got very candid with the magazine about her latest album, Closer, saying how it started off like too many other pop albums. 

“But closer to the beginning of this year – four or five months into making the album – the label was like, ‘this is great, but we need more of you in here. You sound like you’re singing awesome songs that are similar to Katy [Perry] or Kiely [Williams]. We need more Lea Michele.’ ” And they got plenty of it. I’m quite proud of Lea. She’s doing everything she wanted to in life.

Now all that’s left is for her to play Fanny Brice on stage, and not just on Glee. And trust me, that could be happening very soon as Glee creator Ryan Murphy bought the rights to the stage show.

Launch the gallery to see all the photos from Lea’s photo shoot, and make sure to check out V Magazine for more from Lea on her book, her life and Cory Monteith.