Lea Michele Shows Crazy Cleavage On ‘Letterman’ [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

The gals looked perky last night, Lea Michele.  Yes indeedy.  No hiding yourself in a dress like that, talking about tattoos in 14 “secret spots” with David Letterman.  Michele stopped by the Ed Sullivan theater in New York to promote tonight’s season finale of Glee, but there was also a ranking of sorts to celebrate.  Michele found out she was #14 of this year’s Maxim Hot 100 list, ahead of Blake Lively, no less.

Inside the studio, Michele showed off a few designs to the late night host.  “I come from a very big Italian family, and tattoos are very popular,” Rachel Berry explained. “We’ll be like, ‘Let’s all get tattoos.’  Then we get super sentimental, and then the next day I wake up with, like, another butterfly on my foot. And I’m like, it seemed more important in the moment.”

The big, sentimental family’s most recent tatt outing was on Easter.  “Some people go hunting for eggs.  We go get tattoos,” Michele, who has more than 12 tattoos on her own body.  “All my secret hidden spots are done,” Michele told Letterman.  “My real estate is over.”

Watch Michele’s appearance after the jump.