Lea Michele Rocked Satin Short Shorts, Comments On ‘Glee’s’ ‘Shooting Star’ Episode [PHOTOS]

April 12th, 2013 // 1 Comment

Yesterday (April 11, 2013), Lea Michele enjoyed some dinner with her parents at Sugarfish Restaurant.

The actress and singer was glowing as she showed off her legs (she seriously has some gorgeous legs) in a pair of satin short shorts, which she teamed with a crochet sweater (loved the top underneath the sweater as well) and black platforms. Looking so good Lea! She definitely knows what looks good on herself.

Lea tweeted about last night’s emotional “Shooting Star” episode of Glee, “Such a moving a powerful episode tonight.. Made me so proud to be a part of this show.”


Let me just say a few things about last night’s very special episode of Glee in which there is a “shooting” at the school. From the time the gunshots were heard, the show was uncomfortably good. If you had any doubts that some of these kids could act, they proved it here. However, Glee totally blew the ending. No one had to die, but to chalk this all down to a gun accidentally going off, and it being Becky who was the one with the gun, it just did not ring true.

When Glee gets the drama right, it gets it right. The Kurt coming out episode was a standout in my book. I personally think that Glee really shines, when it just gets a little absurd and goes with the musical fantasy scenes. I wish they’d be able to balance things out a little more.

What are you thoughts on last night’s episode? Share them in the comments below.

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By Michael Prieve

  1. Jeff

    I have doubts about some of their skills most of the Lima kids are inconsistent even in this episode. Sure they did some scene well but I still don’t see some of them handling a dramatic arc.

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