Lea Michele Is Super Happy, ‘Glee’ Sneak Peak [PHOTOS]

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What is Lea Michele so happy about? Is she just that excited for the holidays? Is she spreading holiday cheer around Brentwood?

Maybe she’s just that eager for the next episode of Glee to air. Will her character, Rachel Berry, be given a golden ticket?

No, guys. Not a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

According to E! Online, though it’s clear to everyone that Berry can belt it out, she needs some reassurance. How, you ask? A golden ticket from Carmen Tibideaux (played by Whoopi Goldberg) to perform at the Winter Showcase — that’s how. Apparently, receiving a golden ticket symbolizes one of a performer’s greatest achievements.

Do you think Berry deserves such an honor? I sure do. That girl has got it going on! Whether it’s getting that golden ticket or teaming up with Kate Hudson for a little duet, she knows what’s up. (If you don’t know what’s up, find out!)

Will you be tuning in to witness Berry’s special moment? I know I sure will. Let us know what you think about her honor in the comments!

By Tanya Oei

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