Lea Michele Is Pretty In Pink While Filming ‘Glee’ In NYC

Lea Is Emotional At 2013 TCA
Lea Michele fought back tears at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.
Actress and singer Lea Michele was spotted looking oh so pretty in pink while filming Glee in New York City today.

The singer wore a buttoned up trench coat while strolling down the street, as she looked to be shooting a scene in which she’s singing.

The cast of Glee just wrapped up filming the Cory Monteith tribute episode entitled Quarterback. Lea will not appear in the episode until the last scene in which she sings the final song of the episode, in what is said to be a very emotional moment for the show. 

The actress tweeted the following pic from the set today:


Watch the preview of the season premiere of the show below, and then check out all the pics of Lea Michele in New York City by launching the gallery.

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