Lea Michele Hits The InStyle Summer Soiree, In Talks To Star In ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake

Ever since a remake of Dirty Dancing got the green light on Monday, talks of casting haven’t stopped.  At the top of list sit Derek Hough for the role of Johnny Castle (barf) and Lea Michele, who posed for pics at the InStyle Summer Soiree at West Hollywood’s London Hotel last night, for Frances “Baby” Houseman.  Ugh, can you imagine the facial expressions Michele would make for 120 minutes or so?

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Movieweb reports that producers have their eyes on Chace Crawford (can he even dance?) and Matthew Morrison instead of Hough, but having two Glee stars in the principal roles would be just weird, especially given their characters on the Fox show.  Plus, director Kenny Ortega is pushing to cast Michele as the lead.  Alas, the Streisander will be up against Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, who are also on reported to be on the list of “Baby” hopefuls.

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