Lea Michele & Heather Morris Don’t Let The Rain Ruin Their Morning

Lea Michele Films 'Glee'
Lea is pretty in fuchsia on set in New York City.
Oh hey there Lea Michele and Heather Morris, look at you lovely ladies enjoy some time in the rain.

The Glee co-stars were spotted in LA this week, walking calmly out into the rain that decided to descend upon the city. Here’s the thing guys, we cannot complain about the rain, as we are in a drought. And doesn’t every little bit help?

Clearly Lea knew there would be some volatile weather, but poor Heather was left out of that. Also, where’s Heather’s baby? 

Has she posted photos on Instagram yet? Did I miss it? If I did miss it, please post it in the comments below. So, once Gleemoves to New York, is Heather’s character going to be totally gone?

Sorry, I haven’t caught up with Glee in a while, so other than watching Adam Lambert’s performances, I have very little idea what’s going on. Please, enlighten me. But before you do, launch the gallery to and check out the cute ladies in the rain.