Lea Michele, Chris Colfer & Naya Rivera’s New Boobs Hit Up The ‘Glee’ 100th Episode Party

Glee 'The Quarterback'
Our recap of the Cory Monteith tribute episode.
Can you believe that Glee has hit the 100 episodes mark?

For 100 episodes we’ve seen them sing, be over dramatic, break-up, make-up and so much more. What a 100 episodes it’s been. So it’s no wonder that the whole cast was out last night to celebrate the milestone episode at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Clearly there was a memo for all the ladies to wear something sexy and black–only Dianna Agron went for sexy and colorful. And of course Naya Rivera was showing off the new boobs. Wait, new boobs? 

Listen, I’m not saying she hasn’t always been a fan of flaunting her girls, but I’m like 99% positive she got herself bigger ones. Just look at his photo she posted on Instagram.

Here is a photo to compare it to. Those are definitely bigger, right? I don’t know why she wanted bigger ones, but whatever floats her boat.

Also, I am obsessed with the Milly dress Lea Michele was wearing last night. She is really embracing that whole sexy, pop singer vibe. She would have done well in the early 2000s.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from last night’s event. Thoughts on the fashion? Think Naya got a boob job? Sound off in the comments!