Lea Michele And Kate Hudson Bring Cleavage, Dean Geyer And Darren Criss Bring Hunkiness To ‘Glee’ Season Premiere Event [PHOTOS]

All the stars we’re on hand for the premiere of Fox Television’s Glee at Paramount Studios last night (September 12, 2012) in Los Angeles, California.

Lea Michele (wearing Versace) along with new cast member Kate Hudson (for the time being) brought on the battle of the cleavage to the red carpet with their plunging necklines. Kate, 33, is playing Lea’s character’s dance teacher in the new series, and looked stunning in a white trouser suit, which she wore with a plunging black top.

Lea wore a figure hugging black dress that showed off her curves in all the right places.

So what is in store for Glee is season four?

Glee co-creator and executive producer Ian Brennan tells TVGuide.com:

“We put a lot of thought in it. We didn’t take a hiatus. We kept writing through what would normally be a five-week break just to make sure we cracked the way we wanted to tell the story,” Brennan says. “It was on our minds all last season and it’s been on our minds the entire series.”

As for how the show will balance Lima and New York City? Brennan told The Hollywood Reporter, “there will be ones that focus way more on Lima, there are ones that will focus much more in New York. That’s what’s great about this formula: it allows us a bit more leverage to tell different sorts of stories; we’re not always tied to a specific place and we can go back and forth depending on what we’re feeling at the time and what the show is telling us. It’s like the show has a new lease on life, which is exciting.”

Look for hunks Dean Geyer (NYC charming upperclassman Brody Weston) and Jacob Artist (Puck’s little brother), along with The Glee Project winner, Blake Jenner (Ryder, that’s all about we know right now) to be this season’s breakout stars.