Lea Michele And Jane Lynch Dish Out ‘Glee’ Scoop

Lea Michele stopped to chat with E! at a Glee screening in Hollywood last night about the upcoming season finale.  When asked if the show’s prom was anything like her own, Michele said no.  Her own prom was held on a rooftop in Manhattan, while Rachel Berry’s milestone dance was held in the good old McKinley High gymnasium.  Anything she didn’t live out at her real prom, she made sure to cover while taping the season finale.  Michele revealed that someone who watched the episode said it’s their best ever. We’ll be the judge of that!

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Michele had the pleasure of attending the Met Costume Institute Gala Monday night and was petrified that Anna Wintour, who hand-selected guests, would dismiss her Escada-clad ass from the party.  “I just had a great time,” she gushed.  “I felt like at any minute Anna Wintour was going to go up to me and go, ‘OUT,’ and then go up to the next person and go, ‘IN.'”

Jane Lynch was at the screening last night as well, and told E! that a special guest is returning.  “The great thing about the prom episode is that New Directions does the entertainment.  Jesse St. James is back. Kids [are] breaking up and getting back together.”

What! Jesse’s back?