Lea Michele And Hunky Dean Geyer Get Cozy, Belt Out Tunes ‘For Glee’ [PHOTOS]

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Lea Michele ran down the streets of New York’s west village in high-waisted shorts and black boots, letting her ombre hair run wild as she sang a duet with Glee co-star Dean Geyer.

The South African-born Geyer talked to The Insider about playing Brody Weston.  “I see him as a very artsy guy,” Geyer said of his character.  “He has a musical background (dancing, singing, acting) – I guess he’s a lot like me. The move to New York has given him a massive makeover. He’s a lot more confident. He might border on coming across as a little arrogant, but he’s got good intentions … and the talent to back it up.” 

Is Brody going to try and get in between Rachel and Finn?  “From the get-go he’s intrigued in both aspects,” Geyer explained.  “Brody’s definitely attracted to Rachel physically, but also to the fact she’s coming into the school almost green to the industry — this is a whole new world and he’s attracted to the fact she hasn’t been jaded by it yet. There’s definitely a potential love story that’s about to be revealed. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, but there’s potential in the first 3 episodes.”