Lea Michele And Cory Monteith All Tanned And Smiling After Cabo Vacation [PHOTOS]

Cory Monteith and Lea Michele are seen arriving at LAX yesterday (April 9) after a romantic trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The couple were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico enjoying some couple time and mimosa’s in a hot tub. Cory lounged by the pool playing on his iPad, while Lea worked on her tan in a sexy black bikini.

Cory and Lea had big smiles on their faces as they made their way through the airport upon their arrival back in Los Angeles.

The pair were featured on Inside the Actor’s Studio last night with several other cast members. Find out what their favorite curse word is after the jump. 

It’s both Ryan Murphy and Monteith’s favorite dirty word, while Matthew Morrison prefers “motherf—er,” Jane Lynch goes for the variation “f— a duck” and Michele swears by “f— an a–hole.” Chris Colfer, on the other hand, loves the rather chaste (by these standards) “s—.”