Lauren Conrad’s Drunk

What is he dressed as? A lesbian? Jeesh. Lauren Conrad and this clown Josh Henderson were out the other night and she got blitzed and nodded off while her dyke was hitting on some other skank. Judging by the pic, I’d say stick with the drinking.

The couple arrived hand in hand at the Belvedere Sky Villa Suite after the MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas Sunday night. Unfortunately, the free vodka may have taken its toll, and our girl “appeared to be nodding off,” according to a witness.

“Around 3:30 a.m. [Monday], she literally fell over in her chair backwards with her legs up,” laughs the witness. “I’ve never seen that happen before.”

But while Conrad drowsed, Henderson played. He seemed particularly taken by a bikini-clad model called Taylor who was working in the suite.

“He had his hands all over her,” says the spy. “At one point, he picked her up and was bouncing her.”

Beach blanket bimbos. Who wears a bikini to a suite party? “Model” = “stripper”. Seriously though, your man is dressed as K.D. Lang. He probably had dental dams in his back pocket and his penis is made out of flesh taken from his uvula. Drag king. Check things out. I would be drinking straight out the bottle, too.