Lauren Conrad Tries To Make Her Move

If Lindsay Lohan can’t get a modeling contract with Louis Vuitton, then of course no one would think Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach could land an internship with the fashion house. But that didn’t stop MTV producers from trying. Lauren, in case you’re living under a rock, stars in the oh-so-addictive “The Hills,” which chronicles her internship at “TeenVogue.” The show apparently approached Louis Vuitton with the idea of a series finale that ends with Lauren scoring an internship with the famed design house. In a display of extreme common sense, the label politely declined. Because honestly, how can you maintain your image as an elitist luxury brand when you’re very publicly giving jobs to beach bum reality stars who come off more as ditzy than decisive and intelligent? The last thing on Louis Vuitton’s mind should be getting more fifteen year old girls to save up their money and buy a logoed bag just because LC has one. And whatever happened to the idea that people should actually do some work to get their internships?

Written by Ann John