Lauren Conrad to Confuse Me by Populating the World with More Clones

Despite these photos of the young “The Hills” starlet, life’s not always just a day at the beach for Lauren Conrad. Oh no, she also finds time to squeeze in activities that include making my job a hell of a lot harder. The young reality-television star has announced plans to partner up with MTV to launch the Lauren Conrad Collection, ensuring that I will absolutely never be able to recognize these kids because now EVERYBODY will be dressing like them. It was hard enough to tell them apart, without throwing the rest of the populace in the mix. Damn.

“The clothes are pretty feminine,” said Conrad of her designs. “They’re very comfortable and easy to move in…The pieces are clean. I did that on purpose. I like to accessorize. You can buy a simple dress and accessorize.”

If she comes out with a special at-home highlighting kit and self-tanner combo, I’m so screwed.


Many more photos of the people you love to hate from “The Hills” frolicking on the beach after the jump.