Lauren Conrad Backpedals On MySpace

Lauren Conrad recently gave an interview to hype up the new season of her MTV reality show The Hills and she stirred up some shit when she talked about being burned in past friendships (*ahem* Spencer and Heidi and the lot) and how her current friends need to constantly remind her regularly that they aren’t going to stab her in the back.

Lauren said in the interview, “Audrina has to remind me that she’s not someone who’s going to betray me.” And it was quotes like that one that prompted Lauren to post on her MySpace blog, to clear up any confusion.

On MySpace, she said, “I do not feel betrayed by Audrina or Brody. I love them both and said nothing to contradict this. I understand that headlines sell magazines, but I value my friendships above magazine sales any day.”

Too bad headlines can’t sell dresses that look like this.


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