Lauren Conrad Is Dramatic

Lauren Conrad is talking about all of the betrayals in her life and how she has to “question” all of her relationships. Maybe she should focus on working with inner-city youth or take up quilting. Running to the tabloids and complaining about your friendships and relationships is pathetic. MTV’s pulling out all the stops for the new season of The Hills when it comes to marketing.

I want to say I can always trust my good friends that I’ve had forever, but at the same time, some of my oldest friends have betrayed me,” Lauren says. She’s talking about when she left for Paris and her ex-boyfriend, club douche Brody Jenner, started nailing some other broad. And she also had an issue with her best friend Audrina Patridge getting along with her alleged enemy for life Heidi Montag.

“Audrina has to remind me that she’s not someone who’s going to betray me,” this bitch says. Excuse me? Audrina need to punch this troll, and move on with her life. Who says that? You know this heifer has a mirror in her house that she talks to everyday for hours at a time. She wishes it were a reflecting pool in a meadow that she could lie beside and look into as birds tell her how special she is. I see the signs.

I can’t believe I’m falling for this. This is what would happen if I started watching The Hills. These people are sitting around together, reading the scripts to this trash and laughing. Lauren and Heidi are doing each other’s nails and Brody is sleeping with the director. IT’S NOT REAL.

Lauren also says she wonders why she wasn’t “good enough” for Brody Jenner. I don’t know, but the words “high maintenance,” “whiny,” and “twat” come to mind.

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Photos: WENN