Lauren Conrad’s A Bitch And Her Show Is About As Real As Santa Claus

October 25th, 2007 // 39 Comments

I’m not bragging when I say this but I don’t watch “The Hills”. It’s not a snobbery thing, it’s a I-don’t-want-to-have-to-dropkick-my-TV thing. Seriously, I have to read enough articles and write enough about the dumb sluts on those shows that I feel like I don’t need to watch. Anyway, Lauren Conrad’s supposed to be the good girl on the show and it turns out that, SURPRISE, she’s a hagface in real life. Oh, and you already knew this but, SURPRISE, the show is so fake that it’s starting to show in the editing.

A spy at Lauren Conrad’s New York debut of her self-named clothing line complained she was nothing like her good-girl image off-camera.

“Lauren was in the booth and rolling her eyes the entire time she was there when the cameras weren’t on,” said a snitch at the Coterie trade show.

“She was obnoxious to buyers as they were shopping in her booth and refused to say hello. But when the cameras turned on, Lauren immediately perked up and pretended to be interested.”

You ungrateful wench. You should be licking the asses of people who watch your show. What else are you gonna do with your life? Clothing line? Maybe the 5-year-old in that Malaysian sweatshop with the bleeding fingers would rather HER name on your midi tops! She’s the one making the stuff! Give Kim Fong-Toy her cut! Keep reading for details on how obviously fake “The Hills” has gotten.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

Blogging “Hills” fans also made fun of the show this week, by pointing out a sequence allegedly of her on a date, and reflecting on it afterward. (Somehow, she had found time to change her hair and nail polish.)

The show’s “villains,” Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, were recently ridiculed for staging arrival and departure scenes at LAX, when she was supposed to have to gone to Colorado in the space of a wardrobe change.

She probably did change her hair and nail polish on a date. That’s the kind of rude bitch this one obviously is. “Do you mind if I take this call?” She’s one of those. Scratch that, she probably doesn’t even ask.

By J. Harvey

  1. Amanda

    The editing has gotten pretty awful… but I still want to like her, and the show. I could make up all kinds of excuses that I know are total nonsense, but gosh her character is just so Cute! and… so is her clothing line.

  2. stolidog

    Someone’s in a snit this morning, huh Mr. J?

    excellent, the bitchier the better.

  3. TS

    FINALLY! It’s so clear on the show she’s a controlling little cow. I can’t believe anyone thinks she’s nicer than anyone else on that show. and if she whines one more time about what a rough year she’s had (er no, not really when you consider the sorts of things like limb amputation, deaths of parents, poverty etc that could happen). Still, I watch it [slaps wrist] ….

  4. kenny

    I’ve known lauren was a bitch, Right from her laguna beach days. She is one friend that can’t be happy if she is not the center of attention all the time. anyone remember she tried several times to steal stephen from kristin back in laguna. She is not a good or nice girl. and she is rude to everybody even random people who just want to say hit

  5. lauren not from laguna

    Notice how these filthy rich bitches who don’t need money always end up in the glam jobs that most people even dream of?

  6. Mika

    This is news? She was a bitch on Laguna Beach. She has a TERRIBLE personality or should I say the personality of a postage stamp. Who in the world watches this show? The otjers characters seem ok but Lauren is so blah and ugly I couldnt watch her for a minute.

  7. krystyn

    well, she’s officially “made it”. You aren’t shit in Hollywood until you’re built up by the rags and then torn to shreds to their delight.

    good for her.

  8. mandy

    Its funny how America wants to hate everybody and find something negative about anyone on tv or who is somewhat famous. Especially if the person is portrayed as nice and good-god forbid. I guess its just a sad way of feeling better about themselves. If you don’t even watch the show, stop trying to ruin it for others.

  9. mandy

    Its funny how America wants to hate everybody and find something negative about anyone on tv or who is somewhat famous. Especially if the person is portrayed as nice and good-god forbid. I guess its just a sad way of feeling better about themselves. If you don’t even watch the show, stop trying to ruin it for others.

  10. another Lauren not from Laguna

    I actually tried watcing this show as I am forced to read about the characters all the friggin’ time (grrr) and I couldn’t watch it. It was awful. Painful. Unbearable.

    Now, I like Friends, so my taste level is not high, but that show…*shudder*

  11. Tired of winey biatches

    Shocker, TV isn’t real? Whao, how could they do this to us? Get over it.

  12. christy

    oh boo hoo poor celebs get slammed by us nobodys. Wtfeva!
    They want us to leave them alone until they need our money to pay for their glamorous life.
    And anyone who looks up to any celeb needs to serious just jump off the nearest building!

  13. Serene

    Remember on Laguna, on her 1st date with Jason, they got in the jacuzzi and then they stare at each other and leave the jacuzzi – it doesnt show what happens next but c’mon they went to bump bodies….anyhow, more importantly – Brody is HOT so thats why I watch.

  14. Shocked

    Wait a minute…Santa isn’t REAL??? This is a tough way to find out this kind of devestating news…

  15. Samantha Jones

    Shocked, I was so going to post that, lol.

    And of COURSE she’s a stupid whore. Did anyone expect her to learn humility and intelligence growing up how she did? Perez the fat pig has a very interesting account of someone who tried to have a conversation with this monster. Sounds like she was coked up to me.

  16. Katie

    Wait, oh my god…she didn’t say hi to shoppers?! NOOOO! Some one stab this bitch, NOW! And Santa isn’t real? For the last 18 years of my life, everyone has led me to believe he is. Now I’m pissed.

  17. bibi

    i totally agree with you on the fake-ness of the show.

    but on the side, i am from malaysia…
    and we don’t have sweatshop factories here. :P

    our five year olds actually are in pre school, and watch barney and shit.

    f.y.i. =)

  18. Nicole

    God, who cares? That show is so vapid. I’d rather watch my german shepherd lick his balls for an hour than watch an episode of that shit.

  19. alsdfa

    I”m happy to see all these people b*tching about her. I think she totally sucks and people are always like, “TEAM LC BLAH BLAH BLAH” which is incredibly annoying. She’s selfish and a bad friend and generally not nice to people… yet I can’t stop watching!

  20. chill out

    First of all don’t believe everything you read. Its so sad how people are so quick to judge someone they have never met. Unless you met her in person and spent time with her how can you say she’s a bitch? Maybe lauren was having a bad day are you people happy go lucky everyday I’m not but I do consider myself a nice person but somedays I’m moody. We are all human beings and everyone is guilty of having bitchy days so please unless your susie sunshine 24/7 stop being hypocrites!!!!!!!

  21. Bianca

    She is gorgeous and I love her. The article written by NY daily is obviously wrong. LC went to work a booth for her clothing line and they were NO MTV cameras there. In fact, the show does not focus on her life as a designer and what not. These people just want a story so they made one. Some part of the hills is fake duh!!!

  22. O

    You’re trying to be the next Perez. Give it up, you sound obnoxious.

    I agree with Mandy.

  23. toni

    Its just a tv show meant to entertain why is everyone so bent out of shape with this particular reality show? when all of the other reality shows are guilty of faking and editing like crazy to make good tv. OMG!!!! people relax you don’t like the show don’t watch it don’t post comments its america we can watch whatever we want.

  24. Elysea

    That’s funny, coz I thought she was kinda bitchy on the Hills too…especially with her so-called-friend Heidi.

  25. CrazySexyPrincess

    personally i LOVE lauren! shes much better than buttaface, backstabbing heidi!
    the show’s fake, sure, but i still watch it!
    everyone has guilty pleasures!!! :)
    have a GREAT weekend everyone!
    Me! :)

  26. Spork 2007

    Hm. I love how LC defenders always say, “You’ve never met her! How can you judge?” Well, you’ve never met her. How can you defend?

    I have met Lauren (and several other Hills and Laguna Beach folk) on several occasions and she is neither as nice, nor evil, as either side portrays her.

    She isn’t, however, the sharpest tool in the shed and she has gotten less friendly as her star has risen. Let’s face it, she’s a queen bee. Not as bad as Rachel McAdams in “Mean Girls,” but she’s no heroine. She’s just rude.

    And I love how she makes these grandiose statements about relationships when she’s only 21 and had one shit relationship with a loser boyfriend who’s been arrested 4 times and is now headed to jail. Spencer and Justin-Bobby are douchebags, but they’re pretty harmless to everyone but their girlfriends’ self esteems. Jason has driven drunk on several occasions, assaulted police officers, used racist, sexist and homophobic language. Yet somehow he’s a better person than Spencer. Whatevs.

  27. Jamie

    I was working at the Coterie show in NYC at another booth near hers and its true, she was totally disinterested, sucking on a lolli-pop the whole time! A friend of mine works with her showroom and had a work dinner with her one night and many others and apparently she talked to NO ONE at the table and spent the whole time texting. Rude, definately!

    Plus her clothes are boring, basic, moo-moo shapes made out of crappy cotton.

  28. Ti

    Nobody has to talk bad about Lauren cause she makes herself look bad by herself on the Hills! She is so stupid when it comes to guys that they walk all over her and then gets jealous when her friends have boyfriends so she has to find bad things to say about them and try to make her friends break up with them…such a loser! And she looks like Maureen McCormick aka Marcia Brady and that’s not a compliment either! lol

  29. Cris

    First I dont hate Lauren and I’m sure she has good qualities. However, Lauren Conrad is a hypocrite. I don’t like her self righteous attitude. If she “f’s” up she wants forgiveness but God forbid someone steps on her toe. She hates Heidi over something she can’t prove. Friends shouldn’t be dictators and that’s what she is a dictator. She preaches all this crap to her friends about bad guys and was so willing to jump back in the arms of Jason. That is until he spilled the I’m engaged beans. I’m sure there’s some good in her but the bad is overwhelming at times. Whether Heidi and Spencer makes it’s in their relationship or not Lauren doesn’t deserve Heidi’s friendship. The show isn’t good anymore and a waiste which is why I stopped watching this season.

  30. Stephen

    i cannot stand lauren conrad….what a controlling bitch!!!

  31. Stephen

    i cannot stand lauren conrad….what a controlling bitch!!!

  32. Mel

    Lauren Conrad is a mean little filthy b*@%$h she is so mean. When Heidi came over to the apartment she didn’t give her a second chance. She just said i want to forget you. What a little snobby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. ewwwwwwwwww yew knoe yew horriblee people because your lifee isnt nicee and yew arent like richh yew shouldnt be a bitchhh and ruin peoples reputationsss! like fuckk yew! i lovee her showwww and the fact that yew donttt doesntt mean yew should be asssholeess and do thiss to herrr

  34. lauren

    i was readin one of those they said”she stole kristens boyfriend” hasent everyone done something mean like that? everyone is not nice just because she sticks up for he self does not mean she is a bitch. she is not fake ether tell me how she is fake? and yeah she has had a rough year she lost jason she lost her best friend everyone has rough things in there life just because its not a death or other shit does not mean its not a rough year. if your going to say that she can’t say she has had a rough year just because she has not have had a death in her life or whatever then YOU cant say you have had a rough day or year thats being hiacritacal. and everyone is not perfect so dont expect her to be. everyone has there flays. and your just bitching and talking shit about her becuase your jealuse. all you guys need to get a life if your going to open up a web site for saying shit about someone everyone needs to get there nose out of her bisness. and for the person who started this thing fuck you you have no life and your a fake evil bitch. and someone said she is a nitch because she didnt get hidie another chance she should’nt she gve her so many chanses would you give someone another chanse if they treated you like that HELL no i know i would’nt i bet that YOU have once ot forgive someone and still havent till this day! there are other people who have done that but that doesnt make them a bitch! and this goes to jamie ok first of havent you been disintrested before? uhh yeah so dont be giving her shit about it when ou have shown it! and you have prob. been texting the whole time everyone on this damn site is soo damn hipacritacal. so this is to all the people talking shit about her you guys are bitchs aand really need to get a life you have flays so does she youcan be a bitch so can she she because she is a so called bitch doesnt mean you have to call her ugly personaly i think she is really pretty and she is prob. way prettyer that most of you ugly bitchs and assholes on the site are you guys your just saying she is ugly to fake yall feel better about your self and you guys are jealuse of how pretty nd famouse she is and you want all that! thats why you say so much shit and if you think soo much bad stuff about her dont watchher shows dont pay any attintion to her. FUCK YOU GUYS GET A LIFE AND STOP SAYING SHIT WHEN YOUR ONLY JEALUSE!

  35. LOLss

    I don’t hate Lauren but I can’t stand her.
    She’s a freaking rich spoiled brat. she always wants be the center of attention, i swear. she lives for drama since laguna beach then now, the hills.!
    she’s doing this whole shit for money to stay glamorous.
    watta fagg!
    & she keeps saying that she doesn’t want her bestfriends to date a “Jason Wahler” but then when jason got out of rehab or where the hell he went out of, she runs to his arms! SUCH A FUCKING HYPOCRITE! she can shove all of her advices up her beef curtains! I swear. At least Spencer or Justin Booby hasn’t been arrested for drunk driving and hasn’t been sent to jail a bazillion of times.
    she’s fucked in the head.

    Also, she just revealed that her whole show is one fake piece of shit. She’s an easy girl who freaking dates ANYONE if you put the guy infront of her. MTV casted some guy to show her around paris. OMG! casting guys for Lauren. I don’t get why she blames guys or her “one date curse.” I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the guys she has dated, I think something’s wrong with her.

    Honestly, if her show is fake.. then why the hell would I believe that she’s real?! OMG.

    Finally, Laguna Beach Days, I REALLY thought that Kristin was a bitch for calling Lauren a Bitch but seriously. I applaud Kristin for saying that to her. It’s sooo true.

  36. tessa

    im so happy i found this website…ive always hated lauren conrad…shes a stupid fake bitch and i hate her! the hills is rediculous..lauren doesnt even have the teen vogue job..and she she should just give up on dating because shell never find a guy cuz she thinks shes better than everyone else..she should just shut up and put out for once! and p.s ..i think heidi is cute and very nice and was made to look like the bad one in the show but actually lauren is the one to blame for their friendship being over..i hope her and spencer are very happy together in the future and i hope heidi finds better friends who appreciate her more

  37. anonymous

    Tessa get a life you dumb bitch its just a t.v. show!!! Go and read a book or something.

  38. thehills

    oo you guys suck lauren is one of the greatest girl iever seen:<3she’s beautiful and i don’t think that any of that bads things about her is true , why wouldn’t she not talk/be nice to people of camera. think that lauren and lo are kind of little mean to Audrina but they can figure it out if they want to.

  39. Marla

    The truth is finally coming out about Lauren Conrad and it’s going to really kick her in the butt when it affects her show ratings. Like most people, I thought she was the “sweet girl” as the The Hills show portrayed that image. After dealing with her personally and seeing how stuck up and rude she really is in real life, I realize The Hills show is a fake and a phony!

    I did have my doubts when I saw how Heidi was trying her best to be her friend again and how bitchy Lauren Conrad was – no matter how hard Heidi tried – but after seeing how she really is – it’s obvious who’s the real bitch. She puts people down in real life simply because thinks she is a big celebrity now! Yuck!

    Lauren Conrad is not even smart enough to realize that mistreating people off the camera will sooner or later catch up with her. She’s a mean person.

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