Lauren Bush’s Alleged Stalker Apprehended

The model niece of George W. Bush, Lauren Bush, is breathing a little easier. Her alleged stalker, Lucas M. Schloming, was arrested last Friday. He was asking people on campus where he could find her, and someone alerted campus security.

It allegedly started with e-mails. “He was obsessed,” said the friend. “He said he loved her and wanted to be with her. But the e-mails were getting more and more strange, and one was threatening.”

Bush showed the threatening e-mail to the Secret Service, which dispatched agents to pay a visit to Schloming in Boston, where he lives with his parents.

Princeton police confirmed Schloming’s arrest on “federal charges” and referred us to the Secret Service, which had “no comment.”

The Secret Service handling a stalker case. Seems kind of mundane for them.

Accused Lauren Stalker Held [Page Six]

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